About the Library

Our Library Procedures

The library will be open from 8:00 - 2:30.  
Before school, and at recess you can check out, take AR tests, and buy from our school supply cart.  

With a hall pass and library folder, you can check out your favorite books and take AR tests in library.

You are allowed to check out 1 library books at a time for 2 weeks.  You can renew books.  there is a 3 day grace period for books overdue.  we charge $.05 per day fines.

A new book cover is $3.00.

You cannot check out books if you have 2 books out, a fine, or an overdue book.  

Accelerated Reader
Students are allowed to only read and take tests on books in their individualized reading range (ZPD).  Students will accumulate points and comprehension scores which will be reflected as a Reading test grade.

100 point club - name in drawing for $100 bill at end of the school year

Top 10 - lists the top 10 students each six weeks out of the entire school who have attained the highest number of points earned that six weeks.

Each six weeks - incentives are given for those who met their goals.

ix weeks AR pizza lunch party - awarded to all top 10 students and/or scores a 100 on EACH AR test taken that six weeks.

Upcoming Events