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Welcome to my office.

August 22, 2019 

Dear Parents and Students, 

Every staff member at our school is committed to empowering our students to become lifelong learners. We understand that with time, support, effective effort and effective life choices, all of our students will learn at high levels and grow their intelligence. 


As a school we will: 

  • Provide all students a rigorous and engaging learning experience. 

  • Provide additional support that students need to be successful. 

  • Ensure students are positively connected to the school. 

  • Teach students about how to learn and how to grow their intelligence. 


  As parents/guardians, in order to ensure academic success your    

  commitment must include: 

  • Having students at school every day, on time, and well rested. 

  • Staying informed (through our website, newsletter, and direct communications with staff by email, phone calls, or conferences) 

  • Getting involved in activities, committees, parent visitation days, and Family Nights. 

  • Being directly involved in your students’ educational experiences. (Checking sign and return papers, looking over homework, having students read.) 


As students, in order to ensure academic success you must: 

  • Give positive energy and effort every day you are in school. Smart is NOT something you are-it is something you become through effort. 

  • Be safe, respectful, responsible and academically curious. We are a community of learners here! We learn how to learn. 

  • Plan from day one that you will make friends! 

  • When you have difficulty, lean in and work harder; when you make mistakes, use it as an opportunity to grow and learn! Practice makes progress.  

  • Consistent practice over time is how people learn best. 

  • Finally, all learning starts with beliefs. Believe you can learn and you will.   


I am proud to have the honor of being your principal. Through thoughtful planning, dedicated, creative and collaborative efforts, and an unwavering commitment to our students through setbacks and challenges, our staff will provide a learning environment at Swartz Upper Elementary in which students thrive. We welcome and benefit from your positive involvement and productive feedback. 


Best Regards, 

Mrs. Maxwell 


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