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Tips for Testing

Parent Tips to Prepare for Testing

All parents want to see their student perform well in school. Parents play an important part in helping their children give their best performance on standardized testing. The following thoughts will help you in preparing your child for being ready to give the test his or her all.

• Keep a positive attitude about testing in general and emphasize your student’s ability to demonstrate what they have learned. Acknowledge that testing can be hard, but doing your best is what counts.

• Mark testing dates on your calendar to help remind you and your child when testing will take place.

• Help your child get to bed on time. Research shows that being well-rested helps students do better.

• Plan ahead to avoid conflicts the morning of the test.

• Set up a backup alarm to avoid oversleeping. Get up early to avoid rushing.

• Have your child eat a good breakfast. Research shows that students do better if they have breakfast before they take tests. Avoid a high sugar breakfast which can make a student hyper and/or unfocused.

• Make sure your student is on time (if not early) on the days of testing. Students will not be able to enter a class that has already started testing.

• Attendance must be a priority.

Testing can be stressful. The important thing is to make your child feel comfortable and confident about the test.